Are Racing Suits Comfortable and Safe?

When it comes to racing, safety is paramount. But comfort is also important, especially when you're spending hours in a car. So, are racing suits comfortable? The answer is yes! With the right materials and construction, you can find a suit that is both safe and comfortable. Proban is a fireproof chemical that can be added to many types of materials, including cotton.

This makes suits more comfortable and affordable than Nomex suits, while still offering excellent fire protection. So if your budget doesn't allow for a Nomex suit, or if your series doesn't require one, then Proban is a great alternative. Once you've determined that your suit meets the requirements for the type of competition you're participating in, let's review the materials and construction of the racing suit. Elastic panels are an important factor when getting in and out of a car, having a full range of motion, and sitting for long periods of time in racing seats.

All racing suits sold at Winding Road Racing will meet the minimum requirements required by the vast majority of U. S. sanctioning agencies. And while they may feel stiff at first, after a few races they will start to feel more comfortable - and after a good weekend of sweaty driving, they'll feel even better!.

Jonathan Yellow
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