What Accessories Should You Wear with Racing Apparel?

When it comes to racing apparel, the right accessories can make all the difference. Suitable underwear materials such as Monex and PBI (polybenzmidazole) are the choice of quality manufacturers. Racing underwear is essential for providing a last barrier against injuries caused by fire, and is available in fabrics that can contribute to both insulation and driving comfort. A balaclava or hoodie is an often overlooked and undervalued item in racing underwear.

Balaclavas are also made of Nomex and PBI and should be seriously considered, especially if the driver has a beard or mustache. To complete this first essential layer, one or two pairs of Nomex or PBI socks should be worn. Show your support and pride for your favorite racing team and spare parts supplier by wearing a stylish and comfortable racing shirt from JEGS. We offer a wide selection of custom racing accessories, clothing from top manufacturers such as Nike, Adidas, JEGS and more.

Every cap, shirt, hoodie or accessory is made of high-quality materials and construction for long-lasting use. View our wide selection of racing apparel and proudly show which winning team you are on at the next event. Technical fabrics such as Gymshark leggings absorb sweat and keep you dry while running. Cotton sweatshirts may seem like a good idea when running outside in the cold, but they will get wet, stay wet, and then cool down.

This can be uncomfortable and potentially dangerous, as well as affecting your running performance. To have the best protection against fire in a racing car, you'll want to examine each component of the safety clothing separately and in detail. Keeping up to date with the latest trends in competition caps will not only give you style, but it will also improve your overall racing experience.

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