What is the Most Comfortable Racing Suit?

This is our top-selling high-end suit. It comes in great bright colors with fluorescent trim. I personally prefer a two-piece, multi-layered one for endurance races, where you'll have to put it on and take it off to refuel. I usually wear the bottom half all day with a t-shirt and add my jacket, helmet and gloves when I'm ready to race.

You're more likely to suffer burns on your abdomen if you're pulled out of a burning car, but other than that, I think they're just as safe. By the way, I'm offering a new pair of black pants, size L. Nomex-based driving suits usually provide the most protection against fire and heat and meet the highest SFI standards. Other materials used in racing suits include trench coat, proban and cordura; however, it is important to make sure that the intended use and safety index of the racing suit match established standards.

The two-piece suit is popular with oval track racers or those who practice endurance races, as you can open the zipper and take off your jacket while working on the car or waiting to be asked to return to the track for your next race. The right racing suit and safety accessories will not only protect you, but they will also help you race with confidence. As in the debate over the one-piece versus two-piece racing suit, the debate between the SFI1 and the SFI5 can also be part of the decision-making process when it comes to sanctioning body or track regulations. However, most racers simply appreciate the added value of the TPP and the extraction time instead of the single-layer SFI1 racing suit.

Elastic panels are an important factor when getting on and off a racing car, having a full range of motion, and sitting for long periods of time in racing seats. These SFI ratings help racers determine the right safety equipment based on race class, speed, and other factors, helping them make the best decision for their racing program. There are many features you'll find in today's racing firefighter suits that are used to improve comfort or to increase the safety features of the racing suit. Having a racing suit with both certifications is a real advantage if you plan to compete in different sanctioning bodies, where one requires the SFI and the other requires the FIA.

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