The Essential Differences Between Motorcycle and Car Racing Apparel

When it comes to auto racing, the risk of being involved in a fire is much higher than when riding a motorcycle. This is why it is essential for motorcyclists to always carry the necessary safety equipment with them. In many countries, the use of personal protective equipment such as jackets, gloves, boots, and pants is mandatory. Motorcycle jackets are usually made of leather or special fabrics such as cordura or kevlar.

These jackets are designed with padding in the elbow, spine, and shoulder regions for extra protection. Although they used to be quite bulky, modern technology and materials have made them much more discreet. Gloves are usually made of leather or Kevlar and some even include carbon fiber protection for the knuckles. Boots for sport riding typically include reinforcements and plastic caps in the areas of the ankles and toes.

Pants are usually made of leather, cordura or kevlar. With the exception of helmets, none of these items are required by law in any U. S. state or in the UK, but many people who ride motorcycles recommend them.

The one-piece leather racing suit, commonly referred to as “racing skins”, was first used by world motorcycling champion Geoff Duke in the 1950s.

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