What's the Difference Between Men's and Women's Racing Apparel?

When it comes to racing apparel, there are some key differences between men's and women's clothing. While jerseys for both genders are generally similar in terms of fit, there are some subtle differences. Men's jerseys tend to be slightly longer and have a more relaxed fit, while women's jerseys are shorter and have a more snug fit. The waistbands of women's jerseys are also usually smaller than those of men. Bibshorts are where things get a little more complicated.

The differences in waist and hip measurements are similar to those of jerseys. The waistbands of women's bibs are smaller, and the hip section is usually larger than that of men. In terms of length, men's shorts typically cover the knee and reach the quadriceps, while women's shorts are shorter and closer to the middle of the thigh. Again, different fashion shapes and preferences come into play here.

Your custom apparel partner can also advise you on what styles will complement the design and type of clothing program you have in mind.

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