The Difference Between Streetwear and Racing Apparel

At first glance, the two worlds of couture and urban fashion may appear to be completely opposite. Couture originated among the Parisian elite and created personalized, high-profile garments for the wealthiest among us. Streetwear, on the other hand, appeals to subcultures, taking fashion and returning its design and use to the general public. Charles Frederick Worth opened the first modern fashion house in 1858, revolutionizing the way people consumed style.

Streetwear originated mainly in New York and California, while Japanese fashion has had a major influence on urban fashion internationally. So what is the difference between streetwear and track-specific racing apparel? Streetwear refers to a style, while couture refers more to the standards of a garment. While couture is strictly regulated in France, an international approach to couture would be more generous in its definition. If you eliminate the exact number of employees and the personalized requirements of high fashion, you'll be left with high-quality garments.

This meeting point must be one of collaboration, not of conflict. The team's website is full of t-shirts that have retro touches or that follow a theme, such as one in which the driver Justin Allgaier's car is kidnapped by aliens in a cornfield. The t-shirt's sponsor, Brandt, sells agricultural products. Each style has elements that are attractive for notable reasons. When we are inspired by the world around us, on city streets or in foreign workshops, the result can be exceptional.

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